Visiting mother with a cherry picker

Since April last year, my mother has been living in a closed ward for elderly people with dementia. Photography has always been a great hobby of hers and it was something she loved to do with me. Our weekends away, with the cameras, have become fond memories and completely unimaginable. Even photography seemed unimaginable to her until I came up with the idea of ​​giving her an instax mini in the hope that operating this camera would be easy enough for her. Mother has now become the paparazzi of the department and takes pictures of everything, even without film. During the period when we were not allowed to visit our mother because of Covid-19, my sister called with news that the nursing home had come up with a way to see our mother. A cherry picker would lift family visits to the top floor where the closed ward of the care home is. Then we could see each other for a moment. There was also a telephone connection so that we could also talk to each other. Really very well arranged from the nursing home. One of my first thoughts was, oooh nice, then I'll bring my camera. Then, a day later, to come up there and see my mother completely ready with her camera (without film) I found so endearing. She had come up with exactly the same thing and suddenly we were taking pictures together again.


Breda, Noord-Brabant, Nederland

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