Jose C. Ramos II

Miembro desde 22/12/2019
Joey Ramos is a hobbyist photographer who considers himself more as visual storyteller. He is an active member of SLR Camera Club, one the most prestigious and award winning camera club in the Philippines. He was a government employee turned entrepreneur. He is an active Past President of the Samahan ng mga Litratista sa Rizal (SLR) , Adviser of Focus Bulacan Camera Club and member of Rotary International District 3800 Photography Club. He won the Federation of the Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) Photo World Cup 2014 Rookie of the Year (ROTY), FPPF Photo World Cup 2015 Photographer of the Year (POTY) and a recipient of Ani ng Dangal Award for Visual Arts 2019, a state recognition given by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts under the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines. It is an award given to Filipino artist or group that has reaped top honors in international events.

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