Dionisio Jundio Salvador Jr.

Miembro desde 29/12/2019
Dionisio Salvador Jr., better recognized and called by the nickname “Jundio” started out as a photographer hobbyist in 1995. His field of interest in photography are street photography, landscapes and sports, wherein he excelled and has won a lot of awards locally and the internationally. His love for the outdoors brought him to the world of off-roading, and the sport gave him the chance to document pristine landscapes and also made him part of some off-roading sport competitions using his 4x4 Land Rover vehicle, which he is an avid enthusiast. He owns a restaurant which displays all of his winning photographs and considers himself semi-retired as he has at least more than 6 months to teach and share techniques in photography (as he is frequently invited for talks and seminars in schools and camera clubs), contribute his documentaries and photos to different sports magazines and newspapers and most of all, do what he likes best, which is travelling while capturing moments thru his lenses.

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