Ziaul Huque

Miembro desde 02/12/2019
My name is Ziaul Huque. I am from Bangladesh. From the beginning of my life, i lived in a urban area. But i always thought about life of the other side. In Bangladesh more than 75% People lived in rural area. I always thought how they lead their life, how they manage themselves in this era. I went deep into their life, saw something that i had to raise my eyebrows. So decided to tell their story through photography which have been my dream of whole life. I started to take their pictures. When capturing this some photos have been captured which represent natural beauty, represent condition of our country etc. From hobby it turns into my dedication. I put my photographs in some exhibition and i got well response. I want to visit all around the world and take some pictures that can tell something, express someone conditions, express status where people can understand about that which i want to tell.

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