· 21 January 2019

Irene Lebrusán tell us how to "Age in Society"


Every time we live more years and we also do it in better health, economic and social conditions. This greater life expectancy in better circumstances has allowed old age to have a new meaning, to begin to consider itself as a vital stage that can be full of new positive experiences and during which older people have much to offer society.

However, there are still negative beliefs about this stage, which needs to be resignified and reconceptualized. Never before have so many people reached such a high age and without a doubt this is the great advance of our society.

The goal of the blog "to age in society" is to investigate this vital stage, reflecting on what is old age and aging, its content, its opportunities and its potential. But, above all, we delve into what it means to grow old in society and how to achieve an inclusive society that does not set limits based on our age.

The International Center on Ageing wants to join a growing challenge like the ageing of the population, bringing not only scientific excellence but also concepts and ideas that are easy to understand and accept by all.

For this we have created the blog "To age in society", by Irene Lebrusán Murillo.

Her first post is available here.


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