· 18 June 2020

The second CENIE photography competition is now open. Longevity: The positive sum of life


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“Longevity: The positive sum of life”

The International Centre on Ageing (CENIE), among other relevant actions, is the promoter and developer of the Programme for a Long-lived Society, based on the strategic, committed and constructive decision to face longevity as one of the strengths of the present and future society.

The Program for a Long-lived Society is based on the need to encourage, support and implement studies, research, scientific discoveries and technological advances that contribute to defining longevity as a healthy and rewarding stage in life, both for individuals and for the society to which they belong. In this way, being long-lived becomes a promising horizon full of possibilities, a true engine of growth and a continuous factor of improvement in our social relationship and culture.

Longevity should never be merely equivalent to retirement and even less to inaction, lack of participation, lack of usefulness or productivity - understood not only from the economic point of view - but should be seen as the privileged moment in life when what has already been learned becomes true individual and social capital, transferable to the community as a whole. And at the base of new and continuous learning.

Being long-lived is a way of being and of being in a world happily integrated by people who value and appreciate their existential baggage as a valuable heritage, but who, at the same time, continue to be moved by projects, by the essential vitality of illusion, by ideas of renewal. In short, by the legitimate aspiration to a better life for themselves and for others.

Only in this way will social relations be extended and enriched. Only in this way will the extension of life be not only the effect of organic or biological behaviour, but the horizon on which individuals and societies can walk together, where experience reaches its irreplaceable value and the future is the aspiration that continues to energise our life.

The Programme for a Long-lived Society is a real social and cultural challenge. The implementation of a process of transformation in which the duration of life is accompanied by the extension of its quality. A process that is possible, timely and just. A process that does not admit of delays. 

The Programme for a Long-lived Society is an approved initiative (0551_PSL_6_E) in the INTERREG V-A Cooperation Programme, Spain-Portugal, (POCTEP), 2014-2020, financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


The 2nd edition of the Photography Contest, promoted by the Fundación General de la Universidad de Salamanca (FGUSAL), in the framework of the Program for a Long-lived Society, starts on June 18th, 2020 and will end on December 31st, 2020 at 24:00h (time -UTC+01:00- Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris).

By submitting an entry, each contestant accepts the rules of the competition and declares to be of legal age.

Who can participate

The CENIE Grand Prize and the prizes: "Audience Choice", People, Looks, Iberian Looks, Looks on the Line, Altered Images and Mobile are open to photographers over 18 years of age. The FGUSAL will determine the eligibility of the winners at its sole discretion.

Cómo participar

In order to upload a photo and thus participate in the contest, the interested party must create a user account by registering on our site. To do so, click on the user icon that appears in the upper right corner, just next to the magnifying glass. Once you have done this, you will be able to upload your photo in the corresponding category.

You can consult the bases here.

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