· 27 February 2019

The State of the Art


One of the first activities carried out by a researcher is the elaboration of the State of Art. What is it for? What is the intention? 

The State of Art describes the most recent and current research that has been carried out on a specific topic. 

In general, references tend to go back to the last 10 years.

The description collects, in an academic way, a systematic exposition of the existing advances on the central theme of the research that is going to be developed, it is of more qualitative character, and in it are detailed the results and approaches of the investigations that, around this theme, the researcher that elaborates the State of the Art has considered and have aroused his interest.

From the International Centre on Ageing (CENIE) we want to favour the knowledge and understanding of the research that we are carrying out by the hand of the researchers themselves; to this end, we are initiating the publication of a series of works that bring together the States of Art of the projects in progress.

We begin the publications with a personal look, as an introduction, of what the State of the Art means in a research.

Thanks to all the researchers who help us, with their commitment, to bring their knowledge closer together.

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