Castilla y León

The Longevity Economy in Castile and Leon

La Economía de la Longevidad en Castilla y León

A report promoted by the Economic and Social Council of Castilla y León and CENIE, with the collaboration of Oxford Economics and the University of Salamanca.

The Economic and Social Council of Castilla y Leon (CESCYL) presented on 30 November the Own Initiative Report entitled 'The Long-Lived Society in Castilla y Leon'. This report includes a technical document called 'The Longevity Economy in Castilla y León', which serves as a basis for the debate and approval of recommendations produced in the CESCYL.

This technical document, promoted in cooperation with CENIE, prepared by the international analysis firm Oxford Economics in collaboration with the University of Salamanca, evaluates the socio-economic impact and quantifies the value of the long-living population in the Castile and León region as a contribution to the growth and stability of the economy.

Thanks to the intervention of Oxford Economics, this research marks a milestone as it is the first time that the economics of longevity in an autonomous community has been analysed with a methodology comparable to that used in territorial areas at the forefront of this type of research, such as the European Union and the United States; and it goes further in the Study presented by CENIE (2021) for the Spanish economy as a whole.


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