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The adventure of entrepreneurship

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La aventura de emprender - Emprendimiento, Economía

Some people dream of the day when they can do absolutely nothing. For them, retirement is presented as the perfect opportunity to sleep late, relax in the sun and think as little as possible during the next years of their lives.

But, for a great majority, a life of zero activity and thought would drive them crazy. Of course, a few days of rest and relaxation are great, but after that, it's time to start something, learn and grow from it.

Listening to our passions and setting future goals can really do great things for a person: for your mind, body and soul. If you find yourself nodding at this statement, then you will not be surprised if the next question that many people ask is, "What if I start another activity?"

Entrepreneurship is often seen as something elite reserved for people with a rare combination of youth, insight, courage and luck. The reality about entrepreneurship, however, is another.

Normally, older workers bring decades of experience and networks of contacts that they have developed over the years. Older households often have more money to invest than those of the youngest. And, of course, you're never too old to innovate and create. The fact is that self-employment can be an intelligent way to gradually incorporate into retirement, adopting a flexible and part-time work schedule. In addition, it is a way to supplement pensions and savings, often insufficient for all expenses generated.

Some ideas to keep in mind

Tour guide

If you love to travel, why do not you get paid for it? Becoming a tour guide and introducing people to the wonders of travel can be very rewarding. All your expenses are paid and the compensation comes in the form of salaries and tips.

If you are energetic, well organized and enjoy working with people, this may be the perfect activity for your retirement.


Child care services will not provide you with great benefits, but they can provide you with a good supplement for retirement income as well as being personally rewarding. A fund in primary education or child care and first aid training / CPR would be beneficial.

Translate services

Translation requires excellent writing skills in two or more languages, attention to detail, analytical skills and (for reasons of confidentiality) a high level of professional ethics. A high level of knowledge of a particular industry can allow you to specialize. Becoming a translator could be an ideal retirement aid.

Arts and crafts

If you have artistic skills and enjoy painting, sewing, pottery, carpentry or another form of art or craft, why not turn it into a business?


Many people take advantage of the volunteer services offered in their communities throughout their working life. If you are retired, why do not you start a new "business" as a volunteer and return the favor?

It is likely that local non-profit and charitable organizations in your city claim for voluntary assistance in a wide variety of services and activities. In addition to being personally rewarding, volunteering can also give you a valuable experience to start your own business for profit or to gain gainful employment in a new field.

Services for pets

Do you have free time and love animals? Many pet owners prefer not to leave their animals in kennels when traveling and are willing to pay the privilege of someone visiting their home to care for their pets while they are away.

Why are these the best business opportunities for retirees?

None of these ideas is likely to generate you a large amount of money and to start any business you need entrepreneurial spirit, motivation, preparation and due diligence.

What is particularly attractive about these opportunities for retirees is that they all involve financial compensation to start and can be done as part-time activities from home. Running your own small business can help keep you motivated, happy and healthy in the coming years, as well as supplement your income.

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