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Blockchain strikes the senior market

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Blockchain strikes the senior market - Investigación, Economía

The integration of the blockchain in different industries is a significant proof of the rapid consolidation of the technology market. All this is happening at a dizzying pace, and blockchain start-ups emerge at an increasingly rapid pace.

This is an innovative technology that has several applications. It all started with digital money, particularly Bitcoin, but the demand for its benefits already goes beyond encrypted money. As a distributed database system, many industries want to capitalize on this unique technology, so Blockchain has accumulated an extended list of use cases.

For the world of pensions, for example, the blockchain is like fresh air. Its potential can elevate the pension industry to a new level, where transactions are transparent, while activities and funds are easy to track and manage.

Several organizations that work in the care sector provide a home for the elderly. They have a staff on duty, regular meals are served, doctors visit them frequently and try to make their lives more enjoyable. But who owns these residences? In what lands are they built? Are these organizations? First of all, there simply are not enough residences around the world to house all the elderly people who need attention. There is a large gap between the current number of residences and the estimated amount required. This gap is mainly due to the lack of trust between the care organizations and the real estate companies that can provide space for these facilities.

This is where smart contracts can help. Smart contracts can help throughout the rental process, and take care of all the necessary tasks in one place. Make offers, negotiate terms, sign contracts electronically, unlock security deposits, pay rent, send maintenance requests, everything happens through a single platform and without interference from third parties. Smart contracts ensure that everyone receives their payment when the conditions are met.

Each blockchain-based platform is backed by a cryptocurrency, and the inclusion of smart contracts can create a regular source of income for owners, who can choose to lease properties to government or social enterprises. Smart contracts can provide complete interoperability between two or more parties interested in legal processes, accounts, validation and verification.

Instead of being bogged down in paperwork or being involved in a legal quagmire to ensure that the other party stays true to their part of the contract, smart contracts smooth the whole process and make things a lot easier for care organizations.

Smart contracts are modifying the entire property chain by eliminating the need to involve an intermediary. They have a lot to offer, including interoperability, the long-term lease process, trust-sensitive property and simple governance. These characteristics are sufficient to guarantee that intelligent contracts really change the way care organizations work and for good, with the main beneficiaries being older adults who seek this type of care and service.

Emerges a new cryptocurrency for seniors

Older adults will be happy to know GladAge's launch, as it offers them an easy and quick way to enter a residence. This new cryptocurrency has a set of requirements that older people must follow in order to acquire the benefits of having this currency.

Older people now have the advantage of finding homes that fit their health preferences. It reduces the fight in the search for medical attention that is due to them. The GladAge coin makes this possible because it is an excellent ecosystem that aims to help all the elderly who need it.

Today, many older adults face the enormous problem of insufficient numbers or lack of homes to meet their health needs. GladAge supports providing ways to solve problem areas with the purpose of providing the best options for incentives, caregivers and medical assistance. The solutions are its main objective, but people expect it to make a big difference in the lives of the elderly.

Older adults will have the freedom to act independently through the information coming from the blockchain technology. It establishes that the person has control of the important things that he needs when selecting the right equipment for the health service, choosing the available caregiver that is perfect for the job, making a comfortable purchase of medicines and other basic needs. Using the platform is not only a great help for them, but it also gives them the opportunity to have a happy life also during the golden years.

GladAge is open for use under the GAC token that has compatible formats that benefit the aging population. In addition, there is also the opportunity to use the best options to select various health care services according to the preferences of the elderly.

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