The first Vida Silver Forum 100 will look at the two great challenges of the decade: technology and longevity

The first Vida Silver Forum 100 will look at the two great challenges of the decade: technology and longevity - envejecimiento, Actualidad

The first of our meetings aimed at analysing the challenges and opportunities offered by an increasingly ageing society will take place on Tuesday 25 October. A conference for professionals and companies that will be held in the Helixa space at IFEMA Madrid.

If we want to understand our professional future and that of the economy, we must focus on longevity and technology, the two major issues that have been making headlines in recent years. Vida Silver Forum 100 was created with the aim of delving into the solutions that new technologies can offer us to meet the needs of a society in which living to 100 years old no longer seems like a miracle.

The challenges and opportunities that technology, the metaverse, extended reality, artificial intelligence and innovation pose to an increasingly long-lived society will be on the table on Tuesday 25 October at a free event to be held at HELIXA, a new space conceived by IFEMA Madrid as an ecosystem that seeks to promote innovation and the development of the economy and digital entrepreneurship.

Launched through the IFEMA Madrid Lab innovation hub, which seeks to exchange knowledge in virtual environments and bring it closer to the business world, Vida Silver Forum 100 is the first event in a series with which Vida Silver aims to become the main platform for developing the silver generation and boosting the silver economy.

You only have to register for free to participate in an event in which we will try to find out how we can live longer and better, and in which experts will participate as the creator of content on innovation, talent and sustainability Ignacio Villoch; the sociologist expert in health, gender and business growth Alejandra Nuño; the founder of Empresa y Sociedad, Paco Abad; the expert in digital transformation and co-promoter of the Vida Silver platform, Adolfo Ramirez, and the founder of Rewisor Magazine, Rodrigo Taramona.

In addition, in Vida Silver Forum 100-Technology we will be able to listen to renowned professionals, such as Pedro Díaz Yuste, CEO of Savia - the MAPFRE subsidiary for the Digital Health business - or César Velasco, director of Innovation and Digital Strategy of AstraZeneca in Spain or Antonio Sierra Sanchez, Manager of innovation projects related to immersive technologies, industry 4.0 and web 3.0 in Sngular, in a day that will be closed by Miguel Ángel García Martín, Deputy Counselor of the Presidency of the Community of Madrid.

Rodrigo Taramona will be in charge of presenting an event in which his work in consultancy, helping people, institutions and companies to understand the challenges and opportunities offered by technology, will serve him to lead Vida Silver Forum 100, where we will have an auditorium that will host talks and debates, as well as a space dedicated to entrepreneurship and networking, called Ágora, where the following scaleups will present their most innovative technological proposals: Alumne, BiometricVox, Ever Health, Experience, Ahead, IDEABLE, Kwido, Qvadis, SeniorDomo and Pensumo.

These companies are the finalists in the new longevity category of the Comprendedor Awards, organised by the Fundación Empresa y Sociedad, through which they seek to recognise cases of collaboration between large companies and startups that dream of bringing about social change by bringing together the needs of companies and the solutions offered by the entrepreneurial world.

Vida Silver Forum 100 will also have an exhibition, interactive and experiential area where we will be able to learn about and try out surprising tech solutions, where we will be able to see everything related to extended reality, conceived as a gateway to the metaverse.

Thanks to Sngular, we will experience, through virtual, augmented and mixed reality devices, how medicine, art and health are incorporating these new technologies. In addition, together with Loxone, we will explore how, in the very near future, our home will become a space where innovation will help to guarantee our comfort, well-being and safety.

Precisely on how innovation can help us live longer and better, we recently reflected in a report in which we presented the most cutting-edge technological advances on the market, highlighting from CT scans to augmented reality glasses that are about to change the world of business.

The audience attending Vida Silver Forum 100, which we will be discussing on social networks using the hashtag #VSForo100, will also be able to immerse themselves in a home automation space that will transport us to a smart home where we will have the chance to experience a new reality that is here to stay.

The solutions, challenges and opportunities that new technologies can offer to meet the demands and needs of a society in constant change will be combined with the approach of the new business possibilities that are opening up around the longevity economy, a topic that we will explore in depth with our co-promoter, Adolfo Ramírez, who recently launched a signature campaign to put a stop to ageism or age discrimination.

Whether you want to analyse the present in order to understand the future, or if you would like to experience what our environment will be like when we live to be a hundred years old, or even answer the questions that arise in the face of this paradigm shift, Vida Silver Forum 100 is the right place to find the answers you are looking for.

Source: Vida Silver