· 11 December 2018

Intergenerational Alliance: Innovation, ageing and longevity


We are facing an unprecedented demographic change.

Currently, almost one billion people are over 60 years old. And this figure will double in just a few decades, which will be a real challenge for which it is necessary, and urgent, to build new answers. We can not just keep doing what we've always done. We need new ideas, new approaches.

Never like today, authentic innovation has become more essential. An innovation that adds value or benefit by itself and that involves the adoption of changes, modest or substantial, in the ageing process of people, in their quality of life, in the living spaces they inhabit and share, in the care that they receive, in the social and family coexistence and, of course, in the policies and government programmes addressed to them.

We firmly believe in the value of inspiring, adaptable or replicable innovations that are born as a result of a solidarity effort shared by all of society. Therefore, we want you to share with us your innovative ideas so that, in turn, we can share them with others. May you join this stimulating challenge. And that you are part of the intergenerational alliance that faces this great challenge, in the certainty that, together, we will be able to build the solutions that define a better life for all.

Intergenerational Alliance: Innovation, ageing and longevity

The General Foundation of the University of Salamanca (FGUSAL), within the framework of the International Center on Ageing (CENIE), with the collaboration of the COTEC Foundation, and from the coincidence in defining "innovation" as any change (not only technological ), based on knowledge (not only scientific), which generates value (not only economic), articulates the present announcement of the opening of a process of selection of innovative works in relation to the elderly.

The purpose of this procedure of competitive concurrency is the hiring of innovative works that, in whole or in part, identify, analyze or address issues related to ageing and longevity of people, according to these priority lines:

Technological applications in favor of the quality of life of the elderly. It will be of our interest the identification of those innovative proposals that seek benefits for the quality of life of the elderly through the use of information and communication technologies, and specifically in two aspects:

  • As instruments of active participation that facilitate the interaction of the elderly with public and private entities, leisure and social relations.
  • As factors that enhance the improvement of the quality of life, autonomy and safety of the elderly, which implies aspects of independent living, assisted technologies, electronic health, emergency services, location, etc.

Habitats that favor the quality of life of the elderly. The great majority of the elderly reside in family homes, many of which are not adapted to the physical or mental abilities of the people who inhabit them. Therefore, we are interested in supporting and disseminating those proposals that facilitate the adaptation of housing to the changing abilities of the elderly; We will also be interested in those proposals that are based on the construction of new homes adapted to the physical or psychic changes experienced by people throughout their lives.

Likewise, the interest of this call conveys the creation or adaptation of age-friendly public spaces, favoring structures and services that are accessible and include the elderly with their diverse needs and abilities.

Deadline for submitting proposals: The deadline for submitting applications begins on December 11, 2018 and ends on February 15, 2019.

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The proposals must be submited in Spanish.

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