· 15 February 2018

Older people are "more technological" every day and are more connected

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Las personas mayores son cada día “más tecnológicas” y están más conectadas - Innovación, Investigación

Despite not being digital natives, the generation of people who are currently retired breaks with the belief of being disconnected from the online world, as evidenced by the Barometer "Portrait of a retired person in Spain" drawn up by VidaCaixa in collaboration with the Obra Social "La Caixa".

Spanish retirees have on average three electronic devices: three out of four have a computer, 70% have a smartphone and 45% have a tablet. They even have hobbies related to technology: 7% have a video game console and 4% have a sports camera.

Retirees are also closely linked to social networks. Facebook is their favorite social network: 46% say they use it and 65% use it at least once a day or even several times in a single day. YouTube is the second most used social network: 43% use it and 76% of those who do enter at least once a week. In addition, they are up to date with the most used mobile applications: 70% have WhatsApp on their phone and 20% speak via Skype.

This report, in which VidaCaixa carries out a socio-economic analysis of people who are between 65 and 77 years old and have stopped working, also reflects that the level of use of new technologies also extends to the control of their finances. The digital channel, web or mobile application is the second most used for tracking your financial products, after the office. 32% use it. The face-to-face channel, the office, is still preferred in the counseling and product contracting phases, far from the rest of the options.

And is that new technologies are a very effective tool to combat disability and dependence as they offer a large number of possibilities applied to daily life, covering common areas such as leisure or entertainment and even more functional or technical . 

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