· 02 August 2018

What to do to prevent aging

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All the ways point to the physical exercise.

Sunday people: be active in your day to day

It has been proven that one of the factors that causes cells to age faster is the loss of mitochondria, the part of the cells that provides them with energy. Mice with more mitochondria lived up to 20% longer. If you want to keep them you will have to change habits: according to studies daily exercise is what prevents the degradation of mitochondrial function, and even causes new ones to form in the cells making them more resistant to aging. This means doing some sport every day, instead of leaving it for the weekend. 20 minutes a day

Runners: Reinforce what protects your bones

If your own is to run or you usually do cycling routes frequently you are already on the right track. It is more than proven that people who stay active often have greater health and longevity. However, there is another quite important factor: your muscles. There is a direct relationship between the amount of mass they have and the years you live and the quality of life as you age. Having more muscle and more strength will not only improve your times and protect you from injury, but will protect your body from the most common problems of old age, such as diabetes or osteoporosis (bone wasting). 40 minutes a day

Weight lifters: Do not force exercise

Paradoxically, many bodybuilders of the Golden Age, companions of Arnold Schwarzenegger, with perfect bodies, died before the 1950s for cardiovascular diseases caused by the use of steroids. That does not mean that muscle is bad for health, quite the opposite. "Natural" weight lifting keeps you strong over the years, preserves bone density, prevents high levels of sugar and prevents fat build-up, as it keeps your metabolism high. Stay away from magic pills, eat chicken and rice, and everything will be fine. 50 minutes a day

Yoga and pilates: Keep in touch with your body

The greatest known aging factor is stress and the best way to combat it is known is meditation, whatever the way it is done. Concentrating on the movements of your body is a way of meditating that consists only in being in the present moment, leaving aside for a while the regrets of the past and concerns about a future that has not come. Just being in touch with your body (inside and out), paying attention to posture and breathing, is one of the bases of conscious meditation, which will keep you young for a good few years. 30 minutes a day.

Source: La Razón

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