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How An ESA Pet Helps You Get Rid Of Depression? - 2022 Guide


ESAs are a source of emotional support for psychologically disabled individuals. ESAs have become very famous recently due to the increase in mental illnesses all over the world. ESAs are recommended by mental health experts through an ESA letter.  A mental health practitioner writes this letter if he or she finds, through the examination, that a person qualifies for an ESA.


A person suffering from a mental health issue needs constant companionship of his ESA. For this purpose, an ESA letter for housing as well as traveling is required. These letters give the exception to the owner to carry ESA along with him on airplanes and keep in the residential areas where pets are not allowed.


Given below is the list of animals that are most famous as ESAs.




Dogs are one of the most loyal and passionate animals. Once they form a bond with their owners, they stick to their side through every thick and thin. Regardless of the breed, every dog has an innate nature of being compassionate, loving, and cuddly. These characteristics play a role in easing the panic, stress, and anxiety of psychologically disturbed individuals. An emotional support dog letter can give enormous emotional support to its owner as it never stops loving and caring for the owner. Because of their loyalty, caring, and warm nature, dogs are commonly used as ESAs.




Many people use cats as ESAs because of their loving nature. An added benefit of cats is that they are comparatively more independent and low maintenance than dogs. Moreover, they have longer life spans. A dog may sometimes become too demanding; however, cats give love when required and also give personal space to the owners.


Hence, people who love a balance between love and personal space, often prefer having cats as their ESAs. Cats, just like dogs, are loving and they often show their love through hugging and responding to the strokes of their owner through physical expressions.


Living with cats is never a boring task as their curious nature makes them an entertainer and a good company. Hence, cats are also very commonly used as ESAs.




Rabbits are considered the ideal ESAs. Although they are less common as ESAs than cats and dogs, this does not make them any less famous. In addition to being loving and cuddly, rabbits are the animals that very easily form a bond with their owners, and not just the owners, but their social circle too.


People who do not like noisy animals often prefer rabbits as they do not bark like dogs and are one of the quietest mammals. Their social nature keeps them from becoming depressed and hence they do not let anyone around them get depressed either. Also, their innocence and alluring appearance draw people towards them. Therefore, rabbits are also one of the famously kept ESAs.




Rats have a very intelligent mind and are easy to keep at home. These mammals easily comprehend the mood of their owners and hence provide them with support and comfort whenever needed.


Just like dogs, rats are extremely loyal to their owners. Hence, once you get a rat as an ESA, it will always be there for you in your tough times. This quality makes them very preferable ESAs and famous ones too.




Donkeys have a special characteristic of being sensitive, which is why they are often preferred as ESAs. Another very appealing factor about them is that they have great personalities. It is often said that donkeys have huge front teeth but their hearts are even bigger than their teeth.


Donkeys are especially very much affectionate towards children and hence for the emotional support of younger patients, they are given special preferences. Donkeys have the special attribute of being friendly with everyone. However, they need a special outdoor place and grass that they can feed on, which makes them less famous than cats and dogs.




Alpacas have a sensitive nature, with a smart mind and inquisitive personality. Many people wonder if alpacas can even be kept as pets; however, not only are they good pets but wonderful and quite famous esa letter online too.


One of their special traits is that they are calm and maintain a calm aura around them. Hence, for anyone who has issues with calming down and is easily panicked or stressed out, alpacas prove to be an ideal companion.


Alpacas respond very quickly to their owners and have a good understanding of the behaviors of the owners, which makes them easier to handle. Therefore, they are also very famous as ESAs.




Birds, like rats and alpacas, are very intelligent. They have the benefit that when they are kept as pets or emotional support animal letter, they are very easily trained. They can get trained to do tricks, react, and respond to the names specified for them, and very easily get attached to their owners.


Birds can also understand, and to some extent, mimic human voices. This makes it very easy to converse with them. They are good companions and help the owners remain calm and engage them in their activities. Hence, they also prove to be good as well as famous ESAs.


Guinea Pigs


Guinea pigs have a very expressive and cuddly nature; they are very easy to take care of and easily kept at home due to their smaller size. Their activities are fun to watch and their purr when you love them, makes you fall for them all over again.


They have zero destruction or negativity in their nature. Whenever they see their owners, they are the first ones to greet them and they recognize them very well. They are excited, loving, caring, playful, and faithful. Hence, guinea pigs are very famous ESAs.



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