Conversaciones en Salamanca: Tom Kirkwood y José María Calleja

Longevity Economics

Longevity and economy, an inseparable binomial

Longevity and economy represent an inseparable binomial: on the one hand, it deals with what the group of older people means in the global economic context, both in terms of what they demand and what they contribute. And, at the same time, it also refers to how longer and healthier lives require, on the part of individuals and institutions, constant action to ensure the best availability of resources at the moment of reaching advanced ages. The sum of both concepts gives rise to the so-called longevity dividend.

Achieving this dividend requires changes in the way we structure the life course, in how companies support workers, in the configuration of healthcare systems, in the way governments view employment. A challenge that opens up a myriad of possibilities around a new category of urgent implementation: the Longevity Economy.