To age in society

Now we live more years and we also do it in better health, economic and social conditions. This greater life expectancy in better circumstances has allowed old age to have a new meaning, to begin to consider itself as a vital stage that can be full of new positive experiences and during which older people have much to offer to society.

However, there are still negative beliefs about this stage, which needs to be resignified and reconceptualized. Never before have so many people reached such a high age and without a doubt this is the great advance of our society.

The goal of the blog "to age in society" is to investigate this vital stage, reflecting on what is old age and ageing, its content, its opportunities and its potential. But, above all, delve into what it means to grow old in society and how to achieve an inclusive society that does not set limits based on our age.

Irene Lebrusán Murillo

She currently works as a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University. She has a PhD in Sociology, a postgraduate degree in Secondary Education, a Master's in Sociology of Population, Territory and Migration and a Sociology degree from the Complutense University of Madrid. Her thesis received the Prize of Investigation in Urban Economy 2017 of the City council of Madrid.

She has been a visiting researcher at the Center for Innovative Ageing (Swansea University, United Kingdom) and has participated in national and international research on old age, housing and residential behavior, childhood, gender and migration. She has teaching experience in undergraduate and postgraduate courses at different universities.