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Ageing well is an inalienable human right; to this end, a fundamental pillar is to prioritise prevention. This prevention must be adopted from the earliest stages and maintained uninterruptedly throughout life, both socially and environmentally. And especially in the health sector.

Alongside prevention, the contribution of scientific research is essential. Healthy longevity is not only based on the quantitative factor - living longer - but also on the qualitative factor - reaching prolonged ages with the highest levels of autonomy and satisfaction. In this, especially in the field of medicine and related areas, scientific advances are the best guarantee for quality of life throughout our longest life span.



Balance BENCHMARK: New technological tools for the valuation and training of postural control, and its validation


Lessons to deal with ageing. Interaction between the welfare state and the family throughout history


Detection of behavioral changes in elderly people through non-invasive IoT (internet of things) with AI systems


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