Have older friends: The value of experience

Have older friends: The value of experience - Sociedad, Investigación

All are young, but not all reach old age. As time goes by, we get older, we become more fragile and prone to diseases. In traditional cultures, the elders are honored and respected. They have already crossed the phase of life that many of us are experiencing at the moment, however, people seem to overlook the importance of the elderly in our society.

It is true that everyone celebrates older people because they are older and wiser. When young people listen to the struggles and triumphs of their elders, they can apply that wisdom to their own lives.

Do not forget that our elders have lived all the joys and anguishes of life. While sharing their stories, younger generations learn from their experiences. Older people offer wise advice and a unique perspective on life, but what can they teach to future generations?

Accept the loss

Death is difficult to process at any age, but previous generations seem to handle it better. When we are young, it is easy to feel invincible, but when we suddenly lose someone we care about, it can be devastating. Older people have probably faced many losses over the years. This makes them more emotionally prepared to recover and move on. When young people spend time with their elders, they can connect and learn to deal with difficult things. Whether it is death or disillusionment, older people have a greater capacity to accept the challenges of life calmly. That acceptance is a valuable skill to transmit to future generations.

Avoid regrets

Everyone, at some point in our lives, we have regretted something. The older generations have the advantage of a life of knowledge. They have a better understanding of how life moves quickly, but patience is the key. Finding a balance is important. Do not hesitate to take risks and make decisions, but avoid hasty mistakes. Older people have a different point of view to give young people valuable advice.

Relationships matter

Older people have met many different people throughout their lives. All that experience has made it easier for them to deal with difficult people. Older generations can help navigate relationship conflicts, whether the problem is with your co-workers, partner or friends. Even if our culture has changed drastically, people have remained more or less the same. Older people offer a wise perspective even on the most impossible antagonists of our life. People come and go constantly in our lives and older generations know this better than anyone else.

Tell stories

It's amazing what stories the previous generations can tell. Many of these people have really experienced impressive things. Their stories are full of romance, adventure, survival and lack of love. A few hours of conversation are never wasted because the elderly are immersed in the memories of times gone by. You will hear the most authentic stories of what life was like in reality and you will get glimpses of history in the context of real life. Stories told by older people can also help younger generations see value in unexpected areas of their own lives.

Laughter is a great medicine

Nobody reaches old age without having gone through a series of trials and tribulations. A long life never stops having painful memories, but one of the best ways to cope with bad times is to find humor in situations. Many older people are famous for their ability to laugh in the face of adversity, and this is a lesson that we can all learn from. A little humor helps making bad moments more bearable and the good moments more memorable.

Take time for what is important

Nobody came to the final hours wishing they had spent more time at work, but older people know better than most what is really important in life. Even seniors in residences can find time to socialize and participate in their favorite pastimes, so do not let the years pass without leaving enough time to stop and smell the flowers on the way.

Living with an older person and listening to what she have to say and teach is a wonderful and vital experience for new generations to understand how the ageing process works and accept it in the best way.