The general objective of the BABEN program is the research into new technological solutions for the assessment and training of postural control aimed at the early detection of the risk of falls and frailty in elderly people, and the training or exercise of balance to prevent the risks of falling. This investigation includes two projects:

- Project 1: "New system for the evaluation and functional training of balance", whose main researcher is Dr. Pierre Barralon who develops his work in Tecnalia Research & Innovation. Its general objective is to develop the assessment and training system of postural control based on the simultaneous measurement of the center of mass and the base of support, which is an evolution and improvement of a first prototype that will be taken as a starting point.

- Project 2: "Validation of the system for assessing the stability of the equilibrium and the regulation of posture", which has as its Principal Investigator Dr. João Paulo Vilas-Boas of LABIOMEP (Universidade do Porto). The general objective is to validate the functioning of the system developed in project 1, as well as its evaluation and training functions, in comparison with the standard gold systems of kinematics and dynamics of balance and postural regulation in humans, in populations that benefit from the stabilometric evaluation.