· 14 June 2019

Photo contest: Age does not mean getting old, just growing older


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Society is facing a global ageing process resulting from a progressive increase in life expectancy and a reduction in birth rates, all of which is leading to an alteration of the population pyramids with major social and economic consequences.

The progressive increase of the population over 65 years old has become a determining factor in the European and world social panorama. The future scenarios established by the European Commission in the 2015 Ageing Report (The Ageing Report 2015) foresee a large increase in this segment of the population, which in 2060 will represent 30% of the European population.

This major sociodemographic change brings with it new and diverse challenges, as well as a source of opportunities to boost the economy, job creation, innovation and research.

The European Commission and the European Council have identified the ageing of the population as one of the major future challenges, pointing out that a firm and positive response must be given to this demographic phenomenon in European social models.

It is time to change attitudes to ageing and promote cultural change. In this way we can help people to live longer, more active and independent lives, and also help our societies to take advantage of the opportunities inherent in a new social reality.

The International Centre on Ageing (CENIE) is a response to this phenomenon that is changing the world in which we live.

For all these reasons, CENIE launches a photography competition with the slogan: "age does not mean getting old, just growing older", hoping for the participation of all those who, through their gazes, captured in their photographs, work and wish for an inclusive and inclusive society.

How to participate:

In order to upload a photo and thus participate in the contest, the interested party must create a user account by registering on our site. To do so, click on the user icon that appears in the upper right corner, just next to the magnifying glass. Once you have done this, you will be able to upload your photo in the corresponding category.

The International Centre on Ageing (CENIE) is an approved initiative (0348_CIE_6_E) in the INTERREG V-A Cooperation Programme, Spain-Portugal, (POCTEP), 2014-2020, financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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