Seniors and pets, a tandem with many benefits

Mayores y mascotas, un tándem con muchos beneficios - Sociedad, Investigación

The benefits of having a pet at home to spare are known. It reinforces the bond between the members, encourages physical exercise, calms stress, reduces heart rate and, without a doubt, they are the best friends of children. We can not forget, either, that our pets can be the best therapy for the elderly and a good way to combat sedentary lifestyle and practice physical activity. This is corroborated by a study carried out at the Caledonia University in Glasgow and the Nutrition Center for Pets of WALTHAM, United Kingdom. The research found that owning a dog can help older adults meet the levels of physical activity recommended by the World Health Organization.

Other research, published in the medical journal BMC Psychiatry, also highlights how a pet can help patients manage a mental health problem. According to the authors, the presence and proximity of companion animals are an immediate source of calm for their owners. Therefore, the researchers recommended that "these animals be considered as support in the treatment of psychiatric pathologies", for example, a depression, a disease that can affect the elderly living alone or without social support.

On the International Day of Older Persons, which is celebrated on October 1, and by the hand of Kiwoko, we list some of the advantages for older people who are lucky enough to have the company of a hairy one.

Antidepressant drug: cohabiting with a pet reduces the feeling of sadness and provides greater emotional security. In addition, many elderly people who share their lives with a companion animal again feel useful in caring for their pet. And it is that part of the population of the third age feels separated and little necessary. A pet requires attention and care, and in doing so, the elderly also take care of themselves.

Iron health: our pets make us smile more and this helps reduce blood pressure and we release more endorphins, reducing our stress levels and increasing our state of happiness. Living with a pet also forces you to stay more active, improving the health of the heart and the state of the joints.

Goodbye loneliness: not only fights the feeling of sadness, also the loneliness, because they will always be waiting for us at home. On the other hand, older people who adopt a pet, also offer the opportunity to have a new life, far from the abandonment of the streets.

More friends: pets are socializing agents par excellence, the perfect excuse to talk to a stranger on the street who walks with his and we like the necklace he wears or ask our neighbor what veterinarian wears it. These are just some examples of how we can expand our circle just by having an animal. His presence helps us to have conversations that until now we had not had and helps us to be more extroverted and to interact with other people. The animal will be happy, in addition, to have a new human friend to thank and help him out of the monotony that can cause him to be all day at home.

Source: Hola