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How To Fix A Loose Thread In Simple Steps


The most painful moment you can experience is when any of your fabric gets stuck in some sharp projects and now after coming back home, you can see a snag in your garment. Now if you are worried about this matter, don’t worry anymore because we are telling you how you can fix this snag in a few simple steps. You can fix snag thread by the best sewing machine for beginners and by hand as well.




To fix the thread snag, first you have to thread a needle and for easy threading, you can use hair spray on the thread. Thread a needle and you don’t have to tie a knot in the end. Choose the same color thread to avoid any kind of difference in color and to make your work clean in every aspect.


Inserting into Loop:

Once you are done with the threading process, insert the needle into a loop and pull it until the end of the thread is quite close to the snagging point. Now create a knot at the end of the thread around your loop. Make sure that thread is completely secured inside a garment so there will be no difference in this snag thread and rest of the pattern.


Excess Thread:

After controlling this snag in your garment now get a pair of scissors and trim the excess thread from the knot. As the thread is going to be the same color as a garment so make sure you are not cutting the actual thread accidentally. Just trim the thread cleanly and keep the loop in the same direction.


The Base of Loop:

Now it’s time to insert a threaded needle into the base of the loop which is right next to the main point. If you will not insert the needle to the close point of snag thread then your repairing will be visible and it will not look clean. Keep your needle and thread as close to the base as you can to secure snag back to its point in the best possible way. You can complete this process through the best coverstitch sewing machine but it can create bunches if you are not expert enough.



Be Gentle:

Now it’s time to be gentle to the thread and doesn’t pull too much as it can tighten the tension and break the loop as well. Pull the thread from the wrong side of the garment and in the end, you can either untie a thread or you can cut the ends by the scissor. This time also make sure that you are not cutting the loop.



Now if you take a closer look at the fabric then you can see at the right side there is no snag thread visible. Your garment is as clean as new and there is no unfinished thread visible at the front of the garment.



You can do simply repairing with the help of the best heavy duty sewing machine for home use but you need to be focused while repairing this kind of damage to your garment.

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