Susana Álvarez González

Miembro desde 19/06/2019
Her academic career is fundamentally linked to this University, where she received her doctorate in 2006, with the thesis “The Right to Informational Self-Determination: Protection of the person against the treatment of their genetic data”. Extraordinary doctoral prize in 2007, his research career has focused primarily on the study of the foundation, recognition and protection of fundamental rights, in general, and the protection of personal data in particular. Some of her publications on this subject are “Fundamental rights and protection of genetic data”, Dykinson, 2007; "The use of genetic data by insurance companies", Fundación MAPFRE, 2006 or "Clinical history and protection of personal data. Special reference to HIV carriers ”, Dykinson, 2011. She has participated in numerous research projects at national, state and regional level, among which the“ Time of Rights ”program Consolider-Ingenio 2010, in which she coordinates the HI13 group of the University of Vigo. She has also intervened as a teacher in various courses and doctoral programs and master's degrees in Spain and abroad.

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